Ice is Nice (And So Are Birds)

It’s cold again. Which I don’t, in theory, mind; I am definitely a cold weather person. The problem for me arises when the temperature doesn’t stay cold enough. If it gets up into the 50s and 60s mid-winter, then I feel like I have to adapt to the cold all over again. I need it to get cold and stay cold. It did really sneak up on us, we went out for a walk on Saturday night and were shocked when our thighs went numb.

Sunday we bundled up and headed over to the Audubon to crunch in the snow and look for birds. It was one of those bluebird sunny days when you had to squint a little even with sunglasses on because it was so bright. It’s not a particularly eventful walk, but the trail does take you to the lake and it was lovely to see the ice and choppy water. Plus we saw a bunch of happy dogs trotting around so that was a bonus.


The birds were hard to spot while we were out at the point, maybe because it was so windy, maybe because of the dogs. I was happy to be out in the cold with my favorite person, squinting into the light, and wondering why I’d never been out to this spot before.


When we got back to the head of the trail, we leaned against the Audubon Center building and watched the birds dive bomb the feeders. Smart birds.

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