Two Dogs and a Cat

I like to wave at dogs. And cats, though I usually don’t wave to the cats because they seem like they really don’t care. To be fair, the dogs aren’t that in to the waving either, but they bark and jump a lot more and that’s the kind of feedback I guess I’m looking for. I’m always on the lookout for an animal to wave to on my walks around the neighborhood which sometimes makes me look like a creep because I’m often peering into people’s windows on the odd chance a cat might be sunning themselves. It’s hit or miss.

Today I saw to yellow dogs in a little outdoor area and they both barked a lot as I came closer. I kept my distance to keep us both safe and began waving madly as they both approached the limit of their fence a good 15 feet from the street where I stood. They both stopped barking and just stared at me like, “Who’s this asshole?” I took their picture without permission and waved goodbye and they followed me with their eyes as a I rounded the corner.

As I crossed the street I saw a mostly white cat with orange highlights.


I’ve seen this cat before, it looks tough. It looks like the kind of cat that would take down a house sparrow with one paw just for fun. I made some dippy cat noises and tried to convince the cat to come to me and the aloofness I received in return was chilling. It kept its distance and I kept mine, though I did take a quick photo because I couldn’t believe my luck. Two dogs and a cat in close proximity felt like a good omen, even if none of them could care less about me.

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