Technically Spring

There’s a date on the calendar that says it’s spring and on that day I always think: Well, this doesn’t really feel like spring at all. A few days pass and I notice green shoots where the tulips usually pop up and the squirrels are digging indiscriminately in the backyard, looking for specific nuts and seeds and acorns they probably won’t find, and I think, maybe it is spring.

I like spring and its muddy, wet soil smell, the way the grass looks matted one day and impossibly fresh and green the next. The way the breeze gets warmer before the trees leaf out, the way the birds chirp from early in the morning to late in the day.

Last year it snowed on April 1st, big gloppy wet flakes and we built a great big snow dino and it collapsed a few hours later as the snow started to melt.


To me this is the ideal way for spring to end, with a gloppy wet snowstorm followed by an aggressive thawing out.


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