Fun Drinks Can Be a Balm

In the midst of a minor depressive episode in my twenties, I called my sister crying, a lot. Almost every day. Sometimes I couldn’t even get the words out and she would listen and comfort me and I was so grateful for her time. My sister had a piece of advice for me during that time that I’ve held onto and dispensed to others. If you’re having a lousy day, get yourself a fun drink. Now, it doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage, and I would argue that’s an entirely different need. We’re talking about whatever kind of drink you love and can drink at work/can still drive home after you drink it.

Maybe it’s a fountain Pepsi (fountain soda is better than all other kinds of soda), maybe it’s a crazy coffee drink from your favorite coffee shop, it could be an overpriced fizzy drink (my personal favorite is Mr. Cucumber.)

It’s not super sweet, but it has the perfect essence of cucumber flavor that I love. 

Maybe you’re in a *decent* mood, but you’re a little put off about something and you need to take a break and you don’t feel like a super sugary drink is going to be the ticket. How about a flavored seltzer?

I try nearly every new flavor of Polar seltzer when it comes out, I am a total sucker. 

Maybe it’s really hot outside and you need something that will cool you off, have you considered a DIY slushie?

Rather Long Side Note: for years we used a Magic Bullet for all of our blending needs (of which there are many) and it was fine, but it struggled with ice and when I made a smoothie with frozen fruit I really had to let the fruit thaw for a while. Not ideal. After Derek’s 30+ day stint in the hospital 4 years ago, we seriously considered getting an industrial pellet ice machine like they have in the hospital because it brought both of us so much joy in an otherwise terrifying time. Instead, we settled for a factory reconditioned Vitamix and my goodness, that blender was and continues to be my savior. Not long after purchasing it I came down with a nasty bout of gastroenteritis and couldn’t keep anything down for awhile. When I could finally keep down liquid I had Derek make me a crushed ice and water drink with just a splash of limeade. It tasted like heaven in a glass. Homemade slushies are my favorite thing to make in the summer and the best thing is to freeze chunks of subpar watermelon and use that instead of ice. Hoooo weee! Tasty.

So slushie. So pink. Yes that’s a glass straw and it makes the drink EVEN better.

Speaking of hospitals, when I was recovering from major abdominal surgery and eating was not really fun or pleasant, my dear sister bought me a green smoothie from a local chain restaurant and I felt like the nutrients were directly responsible for the rise in my serotonin levels. They told me I could eat whatever I wanted. Chocolate Cake! Pie! Whatever! I only wanted things that were green. They thought I was weird.

Oh my goodness, I forgot that my sister also bought me Cosmo! Hahahaha!

My favorite places to buy fun drinks (I always have some on hand in case I’m having a rough day) are stores that stock imported food and beverages.

These days I drink a lot of hot water flavored with fresh lime or lemon juice and a splash of ginger juice. If I am feeling particularly needy, I might add some fresh mint leaves. I call them Hot Concoctions. (Oh. I am weird.) Drinking these HCs helps me stay warm and it’s a better alternative (for me) than drinking tea all day long. I start every morning with 2 cups of Earl Grey and it makes me happy, but if I drink more caffeine than that I become an anxiety monster and I don’t think that’s a great way to spend my day.

I will leave you with some classic fun beverages from the archives, a.k.a. the shed behind Derek’s grandpa’s summer home. Somehow they both look like weird motor oil brands/flavors.

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