House Tour, Part One

In an attempt to motivate myself to walk longer and farther, I’ve started taking photos of houses in the surrounding neighborhoods. The architecture of my city is fascinating and much of it dates back to when the mill buildings near the river were manufacturing denim instead of housing people and hipster, exposed brick tech offices. There are a lot of columns, a lot. Some of the large houses have been converted into office spaces for lawyers and dentists (those will show up in a later post), but some remain single family homes and I find myself wondering, who could possibly live here? This post will not answer that question, but if you like looking at houses, this should be a treat.

Huge stucco house near the river, the back side might be even more intriguing than the front, but I didn’t get a shot of that. 
A lot of lovely details in this one, the arched windows, contrasting slats near the peak. I’d love to have a large porch to sit and watch people and cars go by.
This one really looks like it’s from a different time. It sits across the street from a large open park and the columns are so large and imposing. What is it like to live in such a large house?
Not to be outdone, this Greek Revival is right next door with columns that look as though they were modeled after the Lincoln monument.
This house is in lovely condition, and has a carport and a massive carriage house/garage.
Yowza. I’d live in the carriage house.
This looks to be a multi-family. Look at all those porches!
This is an odd pink house, but I find it so charming.
The details! A little hard to see in this washed out iPhone photo, but there’s some really lovely metalwork on this one.
Dig the giant letter P.
More columns.
Still more columns. And some very tidy topiaries flanking the entry.
A break from columns. Ahhhh.
Back to columns!
This house looks to be getting prepped for some fancy new columns. It also looks a smidge haunted.
Mini columns and an almost moat! I love this little stream and bridge.
And we’ll finish with a traditional salt box I’ve always admired.

I’ll post another house tour soon, I’ve got loads of photos to share and I’ve got some shots of a couple famous houses to throw into the mix. Stay tuned.

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