Nest Mystery

A few posts ago I mentioned we had a mourning dove couple make a nest in the gutter outside our little breezeway. I was worried about the location because of rain and because the back door of the breezeway is a common egress for us. But they seemed to be settling in nicely and when we came out to check on them, they didn’t seem to mind much.

Yesterday I heard a loud commotion and looked up to see a crow flying one direction and the dove flying in the exact opposite direction. At this point I wasn’t even sure if the eggs had hatched. I went outside to find the crow sulking in the maple tree but no sign of the dove. I grabbed the selfie stick I won at a meeting (I’m clarifying because I would never buy a selfie stick, but it sure does come in handy occasionally.) and took a little video of the nest.


Two babies! I wasn’t sure if they were moving but I also didn’t want to to stick around in case one of the parents wanted to return to the nest. A few hours later I went outside to check up on them and saw a little beady eye so I figured all was ok.

This morning I popped out to see if anyone was home and didn’t see a parent. That wasn’t an immediate cause for alarm, once the hatchlings/fledglings can regulate their temperature the parents will wander off for a while, or so I’ve read. But I grabbed the selfie stick again to see what was up and discovered the nest was empty. Those little birds did not seem like they were far enough along to leave the nest, but I’m no expert and maybe they did?


Or more likely, that very smart crow came back at some point and claimed itself a couple of snacks. So long little mourning dove family, we hardly knew ye.

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