What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve started this post four times already. And then I slowly and deliberately delete all the words. Then I look out the window hoping I’ll see a squirrel. One time I did. The other times I just saw the grass. The grass in the backyard is different from the grass in the front yard, which is a little different than the grass in the side yard. The backyard doesn’t get much sun and the grass is a reflection of that. It’s long and thin like the hair of a man trying to convince himself and the world that baldness is not an option. The squirrels cram their little paws in the earth to hide nuts and then to retrieve them, like little organic aerators. I like it when they pat the top of the soil with their paws and look around. No one wants your stupid tree nuts, you dummies.

It’s cloudy today. First it was foggy and now it’s just cloudy. I’m ok with this. The summer has been on average too hot for my liking and I am greeting this latest drop in temperature with open arms. When Fall officially arrives I will gladly put on an extra layer and begin drinking my weight in hot beverages. I get cold easily and often lose circulation in my extremities when it gets especially cold and I still prefer this to hot and humid weather.

I’ve submitted two things in the past two days and another a few days earlier and I am hoping to receive rejections for all of them soon. I mean, I wouldn’t be upset if they weren’t rejected, but I also don’t want to wait until January to read a form letter telling me my submission has been rejected and wishing me the best in my future endeavors. This is most definitely my own fault for not spending the spring time months churning out submissions, because if there’s one thing I know about writing it’s that you can’t collect rejections if you don’t submit. I mean, to be honest, the number of times I’ve rejected myself is a high bar, but I am hoping the external submissions will eventually catch up.

I’m hungry now and will probably eat lunch because that seems like the most logical choice. This post deserves a swift ending as it is not enjoyable to write and likely just as annoying to read. Here’s a photo of a couple of squirrels who look to be plotting something in an effort to maybe make up for this dreadful post.


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