Brain Flu

A few years ago I was minding my own business, eating dinner, watching something stupid on TV and suddenly my pulse was racing. Every part of my body felt hot and weird and that awful bitter taste was all the warning I needed to get to the bathroom and fast. Gastroenteritis is swift and menacing. … Continue reading Brain Flu


This morning I wrote 1400 words about the most traumatic moment of my life. Something that happened 30 years ago. Something that has stayed with me all this time. I wrote it all down and I didn't cry and I don't feel angry and that feels like progress. It feels like vindication.


I moved to Providence 20 years ago and moved away four years later and while I've been back to visit on a few occasions, this time was somehow different. Derek and his buddy were running a race downtown, the start line near the mall where I used to work. I couldn't stop taking photos of … Continue reading Providence