Frozen Claw

I wanted to type mandible, but my mandible is not frozen, my right claw is. Mandible is just a really great sounding word. Mandible. Anyways, it’s chilly again here in the northeast and I like it, I do, it’s my favorite time, but it’s difficult to type when one keeps one’s house at a brisk 58 during the day. I resist turning the heat up, I think I can manage with another sweater, a knit hat, maybe some fingerless gloves?

But I can’t really, I have Reyanuds because of my thyroid condition. Which means in cold temperatures the blood vessels in my extremities constrict and my fingers and toes turn white. It’s weird and alarming every time, but a hot mug of liquid helps as does flailing around wildly to force the blood to the edges, something about centrifugal action? Sometimes I get out the heating pad and sit on it, which you are NOT supposed to do according to the giant warning printed on it, but I live on the edge.

Today I saw my endocrinologist and for the first time since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thryoiditis over a decade ago, I feel nearly normal. I mean, none of us are normal, but I feel so much better. She was proud, I was thrilled, and the appointment was a rousing success. I am mostly hypothyroid at this point, but I am finally on the right amount of medication and I spent the last nine months or so exercising and focusing on nutrition and according to their records I’ve achieved about 10% weight loss. I feel so much better in my body and that’s maybe the best part about all of this. For years I have felt like I am a stranger in this sack of skin and bones and finally it feels like I am in the right place. I need to keep exercising, and because of my metabolism I have to remain vigilant about the foods I choose to eat and how much of them I choose to consume or I will slide backwards. It is hard for most people to lose weight, but as my endocrinologist reminded me, doubly so for people with thyroid conditions so it was nice to have my hard work validated.

Anyways, it’s a sunny and chilly day, I had a productive appointment, and I’m going to treat myself by jacking the heat up a bit so I can type without my fingers turning white.