A Boundless Void

*Spoiler alert?*

I have never written about a current show and I am not sure that’s why anyone follows this blog, but just in case it’s something you care about, there might be spoilers below for The Good Place? Maybe? I’m not entirely sure how that works. I’ve never been too bothered by spoilers personally. One of my favorite things is when someone tells me in great detail about a movie they’ve seen that I haven’t. I love to know how people respond to foreshadowing or big plot twists. Then, when I watch the movie I compare their reactions to my own reactions. I like it so much, I sometimes read the Wikipedia plot summary while I’m watching a movie. Anywho, I had a dream about The Good Place and in telling you about it, there might be a spoiler. You’ve been warned.

Last night I had a dream about The Good Place. The show, not the actual, so-called “good place” that I don’t believe exists. Before the show went on a two week hiatus the cliffhanger showed the gang going to Janet’s boundless void. Well, it showed them disappearing it didn’t give any clue as to what the boundless void looks like. Presumably this week we’ll see them in said void.

In my dream, they all arrived to find a hoard of teenagers sitting at picnic tables playing rock paper scissors against each other. When asked why this was happening, Janet mentioned something about a demon who was curious about human sex asking Janet to work on a project and she wound up giving birth to thousands of babies after just one session. The demon thought sex was boring so it gave up, but Janet didn’t want to get rid of the babies so she gave them a home in the boundless void where they were all free to run around and do whatever they wanted to.


The boundless void of my dream was sunny and filled with rolling hills and impossibly green and lush grass. It was not what I expected. I assumed the boundless void would look a bit like the armory in The Matrix, a limitless bright white void and then when Janet needed to retrieve something for someone it would look like a very well organized stockroom.

Something happened that was not explained because this was, after all a dream, and all of the children got up from their tables and ran off leaving Janet and Michael and the humans to play on a series of trampolines, some of them made of a clear material so you could watch people jumping up and down from below, which was not as gross as I would have thought. There were also areas with clear parachutes and people could climb on top of them and be flung into the air. Why was everything clear? Who knows. Why all that jumping? It seems like jumping would be fun? The parachute must have been a holdover from my childhood gym class when parachute day would make all of us lose our collective minds. I loved that stupid parachute.

I do feel like it’s the mark of a good show that I can’t really remember if maybe I saw a teaser trailer with something similar to this or if this is 100% a fabrication.

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