Tiny Hotel Room In a Sky Tube

Last night Derek and I watched an episode of the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix. We thought it would be a good way to kick start our own decluttering mission. It was great.

Then we went to bed and I had a real weird dream. Derek and I were boarding a plane to or from Japan (it’s unclear which direction we were going) and trying to find our seats. Derek told me he upgraded our seats to “cold”. I do not know what that means, but nodded in the dream as if that made perfect sense. Our seat numbers were written on a scrap of paper and we showed it to a flight attendant since we were struggling to find them. The flight attendant was: Marie Kondo.

We followed her to a room at the front of the plane. A literal room. It was a small, but not that small, hotel style room, with a sofa, two little lounge chairs, a full sized bed, a TV on a console table and a door that shut.

“Wait, these are our seats?”

“Yes! I worked with the airline to design this room.” Then Marie Kondo dropped to her knees to pet the throw rug and said, “this would be a nice place to take a nap.”

Let’s set aside for a moment that sleeping on the floor of a plane, even one that’s carefully appointed is not something I want to do. After she left the room I watched as Derek casually sat in one of the lounge chairs and said, “How will we stay buckled in for take-off, landing, and turbulence? None of this stuff is bolted down.”

A flight attendant stopped by, opened the door to our room and said, “This needs to stay open for take-off, ok?”

I woke up at this point and went to the bathroom and dropped the roll of toilet paper onto the floor because we have an old bathroom and those stupid new massive rolls of TP don’t fit in the recessed wall holders until you use the roll for awhile. (That is a rant for another day. Or not, that’s a pretty boring rant.) I wanted to remember the dream but was too tired to write it down so I just kept running through the major points in my head until I fell asleep again:

Hotel room on a plane

Marie Kondo

Cute chairs

No seatbelts?

I always hope when I fall back to sleep that I get to go back into the good dreams and I did! It was brief, but in part two, I went to the bathroom on the plane which was larger than the bathrooms in most bars and included showers and fluffy white towels. It smelled pleasant in there. Lots of people were taking a shower. Which, to be fair, flying to or from Japan is a long trip, a shower would be nice.

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