Fun facts about me:


I got paid $300 back in 1992 to dress up as a low-rent Catwoman at a car show in Des Moines, IA. They let me sit in the car which was alarmingly tiny on the inside. It was like a reverse TARDIS.


This photo was taken on the occasion of my eighth birthday. I am the one flashing the bunny ears. My friends have always been *way* cooler than I am. It’s been that way forever. I’m ok with it. Sort of.


I have a B.F.A. in Metalsmithing and a minor in English from the University of Iowa. I also have an M.F.A. in Jewelry and Light Metals from Rhode Island School of Design. I make jewelry that is difficult to wear, but fun (I hope!) to look at.


When I graduated with a masters degree, I naturally pursued a career in retail housewares. I was a store designer/sales person at Crate & Barrel for 7 years. Then I was fortunate enough to find a job that utilized my metalworking abilities at the MFA in Boston where I was a mount maker/collections care specialist. I even went to Japan for two weeks to help install a show and it was an amazing trip. But the job didn’t pay very well and I moved to New Hampshire when I got married to my beloved so the commute made no sense.


My first (and hopefully only) corporate retail job was with Timberland and it was the most money I’ve ever made, and the worst job I’ve ever had. I did get to go to London to help open a store, but that was also a pretty horrible experience. Having a borderline sociopathic narcissist for a boss makes it hard to muster the energy for work everyday. Go figure.

Logan Headshot.jpg
Photo by Greta Rybus

I started volunteering at NHPR in January of 2013 as a producer for a show called Word of Mouth. That eventually evolved into a full time job as a producer for Word of Mouth, Outside/In, and Civics 101, a podcast I helped launch and designed the logo for. I also took on the responsibilities of social media for each of the shows and made lots of “content”. Including this, this, and this.

But I left. For a lot of reasons. Because I wanted to finally try to do something I really love.

27. scars 1 year post tx 3.jpg

In 2014, I donated 60% of my liver to my husband to help treat his rare disease, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It changed my life forever, and sharing our story in order to educate people about liver health, transplantation, and organ donation is where I want to focus my energy.