I don't remember my first panic attack. I do remember one in particular, the one I think of when I tell people: "Sometimes I have panic attacks." I was maybe 16 or 15, I lived with a family that wasn't my own. After my parents moved me and them to Florida, I promised to give … Continue reading Predictor

Mad At Myself

Over the weekend we went to Providence for a friend's birthday party. We hadn't seen these friends in a while, because apparently every few years I need to go into a self-imposed witness protection style hibernation in which I don't speak to or communicate with people I care very deeply about for YEARS. Literal years. … Continue reading Mad At Myself

Frozen Claw

I wanted to type mandible, but my mandible is not frozen, my right claw is. Mandible is just a really great sounding word. Mandible. Anyways, it's chilly again here in the northeast and I like it, I do, it's my favorite time, but it's difficult to type when one keeps one's house at a brisk … Continue reading Frozen Claw