I don't remember my first panic attack. I do remember one in particular, the one I think of when I tell people: "Sometimes I have panic attacks." I was maybe 16 or 15, I lived with a family that wasn't my own. After my parents moved me and them to Florida, I promised to give … Continue reading Predictor


My freshman dorm was cinder block tower with narrow metal windows that you could barely crank open. There was a matching building across the street. Someone said they were designed to make sure students wouldn't huck things, or themselves, out the window. Each double room had a little sink and two desks and two beds, … Continue reading Fear

Rabbit Season

Years ago, when I was dating a man I should not have been dating, for a variety of reasons I would eventually come to understand, his father and stepmother took us out to a fancy dinner in Cambridge, MA. It's a place called Harvest. It's nice but not too nice and it's good food and … Continue reading Rabbit Season

I’ll Take the Road Less Traveled, But Only if There’s Good Food

Traveling is a little scary for me. Not in a debilitating sort of way, more in an anticipatory way. Like when you receive a present from a person who doesn’t know you very well. Presents are great, I love them, when you hand me a wrapped package chances are I am doing some pretty impressive … Continue reading I’ll Take the Road Less Traveled, But Only if There’s Good Food